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Sponsoo is Europe’s largest marketplace for sport sponsorship. We are digitalizing the sports sponsorship process. As a result, sponsorships become more targeted, more efficient, easier to manage, and the success of sponsorships is easier to measure.

Value proposition
The real long-term value of Sponsoo lies in our data. We have an unrivalled reach to amateur sports people and are pooling data on sport teams from all kinds of sources, such as our website, the sport teams’ Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, their geographic location, etc. With this data we are able to:

  1. Segment the sports market along any possible target group criteria,
  2. exactly determine the estimated “real” value of a sponsorship offering for a sponsor, and
  3. track the reach and the impact of the sponsorship campaign.

Even though there is clear demand for these features - which we can prove by explicitly expressed interest from large corporations -, few of these features are currently available anywhere else in the market.

The sport sponsorship market in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland has a combined annual volume of approximately €6 billion. The market has the characteristics of a classic “Long Tail” market, where a lot of budget and attention is spent on the “hits” (mostly the 36 Bundesliga teams), and the gigantic rest of the market is fragmented and neglected. Sponsoo serves the entire market, and thus as one of the few actors also the non-professional athletes and sports teams.

Management Team

  • Andreas Kitzing, CEO
    • Former management consultant; background in sports industry; 5 years leadership experience; MBA from Judge Business School (University of Cambridge)
  • Christian Kaspar, CTO
    • Professional developer with 20 years of experience; serial entrepreneur
  • Jan Hillmer, Head of Sales
    • Former sports rights sales manager at Lagardère Sports / Juventus Turin, several years leadership experience (joining Sponsoo in October 2017)


Revenues (Sponsorship, Sports Equipment, Others)X€X€X€X€X€X€
Costs X€X€X€X€X€X€
Funding NeedX€X€X€X€X€X€

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